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Throughout the past 2 decades, Vienna & Naples has been successfully working as real estate developers. We are investors, planners and builders with high design standards, who specialize in the restoration as well as conversion of existing properties.

Additionally, we are interested in buildings with concealed qualities; namely qualities which have hidden potential and with surroundings, which are yet to be discovered and brought to light with new and innovative concepts.

Our primary goal is to create bright and luxuriant open living spaces, in which its residents feel comfortable and complacent.  These spaces are constructed with the intent to have a positive impact on the resident’s behavior, tolerance and creativity.

Vienna & Naples is connected to the Austrian (Viennese) company Thurn & Bauer, which is well known for outstanding conversion of warehouses into living spaces and redevelopment of apartment buildings built from 1850 until 1930. Thurn & Bauer has been very successful at real estate development since 1980.


Ursula Kohl CEO Vienna & Naples, Ursula Kohl CEO Thurn & Bauer
Peter Bartos, CEO Vienna & Naples, Peter Bartos GF Thurn & Bauer GmbH


Peter Bartos is a builder and oversees all architectural and engineering aspects of our projects. As CEO and head of the architecture and building department of a highly successful real estate development company in Austria/Europe, he was able to acquire a lot of practical experience – both in construction as well as managerial expertise – which he can apply at Vienna & Naples Inc. In addtion to latter skills, Peter Bartos is a renowned real estate appraiser.



Cheri Grabau is the heart and soul of Vienna & Naples Inc. As office manager she responsible for the property management and all rental purposes.


ERIK R. LIEBERMAN  was formerly an Estate Tax Attorney with the Internal Revenue Service.  Prior to joining the well known Venice law firm Kanetsky, Moore & DeBoer as senior partner he was a manager in the tax department of an international accounting firm. He is not only our top adviser but became our best friend.



Ursula Kohl is an interior designer and expert in style-compliant restoration of historic buildings. She is responsible for all style-& design related decisions of our properties. With an MBA in Sales & Management and as CEO of a highly successful real estate development company in Austria/Europe, she is also in charge of Finance & Management at Vienna & Naples Inc.


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